Sales Network

Up to now, Tori Limited Ltd has successfully set up three sets of efficient network system—–the branches network, the sub distributor network, and the expert network. There are 30 branches of our company spreading all over China. We concentrate ourselves more on academic promotion as the marketing strategy. The main task of our branch companies is to coordinate the sub distributor network and the medical expert network to guarantee the sales, meanwhile, we focus more on the academic promotion in the hospitals, therefore we made our products good image in the doctors’ mind, and the sales value was also growing rapidly. 

Our Board

Our top management has been experienced in pharmaceuticals sales for more than 20 years. All the members of it come from the Tori Limited Pharmaceutical Company, whose main business is to distribute foreign pharmaceutical products. The general manager of our company, Mr. Ou Yang Feng, was vice manager of Tori Limited before, responsible for marketing plan, Sales, and marketing supervising. He has got a lot of professional experience of distributing foreign pharmaceutical products in the Chinese market, which include all aspects from product registration to marketing execution. He set up his own business— Tori Limited, which is a joint-stock company with independent legal status. The core business is to distribute high-class international pharmaceutical products. 

 Our Mission

The mission of the company is to create added value in health care and trading industry with medicine and API’S for various areas among which treatment and prevention of different disease.

Products and services of Tori Limited, have successfully contributed to the effective treatment of the illness, the improvement of the individual’s well being and to an increased quality of life.

Our Goal

making Tori Limited become the NO 1 exclusive agent (especially for import business) in China