Young, Dynamic

Tori Limited is a young and dynamic company, which was founded in past years. It is a pharmaceutical corporation with the function of independent legal status by integration of research, industrialization and trade. Its headquarters is located in Shenzhen, which is one of the most developing cities in China. There are more than 420 partnered staffs in the company, and 30 branches have been established in the main provinces and cities all over China. Distributing high-class pharmaceutical products is our core business. The efficient nationwide sales network is our core competition.

Our company has a well-trained team with high quality, high efficiency and professional. 90% of the staffs graduated from college or university, and 80% of them have medical educational background. Most of the senior staffs are licensed pharmacists and senior engineers. The top management of the company have been working in the pharmaceutical sales area for more than twenty years, and have successfully made a lot of import-pharmaceuticals into famous brands in China, helped the partners achieve great success in Chinese market.

Our high-efficiency sales network spreads all over China. Up to now, we have established very close cooperative relationship with many customers and medical experts. Academic promotion is our key marketing strategy. We made our products good image and high position in the doctors’ mind through the academic promotion and face-to-face discussion with doctors, therefore, our total sales value is growing rapidly. The 30 branches as well are the strongest support for clinical promotion and our high-quality post-sales service.

We have established trust-worthy relationship with the central and local government, so we can provide full-angle service for our clients to develop their business in China such as products registration, marketing research as well as pharmaceutical market consulting.      It is well known that there are a lot of potential business opportunities and market in China whose population is about 1.3 billion. We believe that the China’s entering of the WTO and fast growing economy will grant us a prosperous and bright future. We will carry forward the spirit of ‘reliability, devotion, unity, innovation’ to make our company the NO.1 exclusive agent in China by our persevering effort.